Real Gemstones Round Faceted Citrine rings halloween


Citrine Real Gemstones supplies Ring- Sterling Silver Yallow Citrine Ring – Citrine Ring, Sterling Silver, Yallow, good jewelry, Gems rings, black Friday gift, greatest rings, best item, Ring good jewelry, Citrine Real Gemstones, Ring gift for anniversary day **** often called quartz topaz, citrine topaz, or topaz, all of which are misleading. It is yellow, amber, to amber brown. While a pleasing stone in terms of colour, and fairly durable, citrine is slightly softer and has less brilliance than precio us topaz. It also lacks the subtle colour shading, the pinkier yellow or pinkish amber shades, which lend to precio us topaz a distinctive colour difference. (Much citrine is made by heat-treating purple amethyst.) Citrine is also much less expensive than precio us topaz. It should never be represented as topaz, which technically is “precio us” or “imperial” topaz. Citrine is plentiful in all sizes, and can be made into striking jewellery, especially in very large sizes, for a relatively small investment.